• Telecom Sourcing

    Telecom Sourcing
    Telecom Sourcing for Contracts Starts with the Experts at Teligistics
    Strategic telecom sourcing for contracts with telecom service providers should involve ”Best in Class” contract terms that dictate vendor performance in all areas such billing , service level agreements and pricing and many other contract elements. Teligistics negotiates major telecom contracts on a daily basis. Contact Teligistics today to have their expert staff help you win a “World Class” telecom contract today! More on telecom sourcing.
  • Telecom Expense Management

    Telecom Expense Management
    Teligistics' Telecom Expense Management Handles Your Telecom Expenses
    Telecom service procurement, management and billing audits are sometimes an overwhelming task for most companies. Teligistics offers solutions for telecom expense management through its web-based portal, TEAM™ (Telecom Expense & Asset Management platform). With this tool, companies can have their line & circuit inventory, costs, contracts, assists, Moves/Adds/Changes and telephone bill auditing managed professionally. Telecom expense management or TEM, with Teligistics is a smart decision for companies in need of a solution for managing telecom expenses. More about telecom expense management .
  • Enterprise Mobility Management

    Enterprise Mobility Management
    Teligistics has Enterprise Mobility Management Solutions for Telecom Spends
    Wireless and Mobility costs are among the fast rising costs for an enterprise, but typically one with the least amount of controls. Teligistics offers a strategic solution for enterprise mobility management through its innovative eMobileGistics web-based telecom expense management tool. It encompasses every aspect of enterpise mobility management including device inventory, contracts, device fulfillment, rate plan optimization, and wireless policy construction and maintenance. enterprise mobility management
  • Telecom RFP -

    Procurement Pro's
    Talk to Teligistics About Creating, Implementing and Managing Your Telecom RFP
    When seeking a world class contract with a telecom service provider, it is imperative to structure a telecom RFP (request for pricing) appropriately. Developing “Best in Class” RFP's is a core-competency of Teligistics and our processes can analyze rate plans on a net-to-net basis through its U.S. patented methodologies. Teligistics offers telecom reverse auctions for companies as another tool in the telecom sourcing process. Teligistics has developed a Rapid Deploy RFP™ for enterprises who have to launch a sourcing project quickly.
    telecom RFP

Telecom Expense and Asset Management ™
Net Result is 40% Average Expense Reduction & Improved Controls

Telecommunications and wide-area network costs per employee are increasing at a rate faster than health-care costs according to analysts. The increase of telecom expenses per employee encompasses everything from Internet access, local dial tone services, long distance, VoIP to wide area data networks. Rising almost as fast as the costs per employee is the level of complexity associated with the procurement, contracting, invoicing and engineering of these services. Organizations have realized that the critical functions needed to gain financial control over these expenses typically does not reside internally.

Teligistics is the recognized leader in the outsourced managed-provider Telecom Expense Management industry. Teligistics has invested in the technologies necessary to gain control of these costs, including the first U.S. Patent for the methodologies used to audit and compare service provider rate plans.

Teligistics' full cycle management of our clients telecom expenses typically result in a 40% overall savings, with immediate impact and improved process controls.

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Procure the Best Deal on Telecom Services with a Sample RFP Response from Teligistics

[Posted on Sep 24]

In order to procure the best deal for the telecom services that you need, you have to know how to create a professional grade request for pricing or proposal. Of course, many companies have no one on staff these days that offers this experience. Teligistics helps those companies to procure better telecom contracts with Telibid. Telibid is an online application that will provide you with Sample RFP response templates that enable you to choose the very best telecom provider offering. If you are not experienced in crafting an RFP or RFP response, these templates will enable you to create professional requests.

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Sample RFP Templates from Teligistics Help You Create Professional Telecom RFPs

[Posted on Sep 27]

Procuring a good telecom contract deal requires you to have a bit of knowledge of the telecom industry in general. In order to ensure that you are getting the best deal possible, you need to know how to compare offerings and how to create a professional grade request for pricing. Teligistics understands that not all companies have this experience. We offer Telibid, an application that gives you Sample RFP templates that will enable you to create a professional request for pricing and ensure that you are getting the very best telecom deal available to you.

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